Best recommendation for all purpose machining

Best recommendation for Maximum machine cleanliness


BORON FREE Microemulsion

QUAKERCOOL® 7450 is a high-performance microemulsion ideally suited to all operations demanding premium surface finish quality and consistent lubrication. Ideal for machining aluminum, and ferrous alloys. Designed for a wide range of water hardness, to be Myco bacteria resistant, and to provide good cleanliness on tools & machines. Outstanding performance in tapping and other high feed operations on wrought & cast aluminum alloys.

Quakercool 8013


QUAKERCOOL® 8013 is a high performance, heavy-duty synthetic metalworking fluid for use on aluminum and aerospace alloys. It is specially formulated for aluminum machining and provides superior surface finish in critical machining applications. QUAKERCOOL® 8013 can also be used on stainless steel and other alloy steels.

QUAKERCOOL® 8013 is highly fortified with water-soluble lubricity and EP additives making it capable of performing equal to heavy-duty soluble oils. It provides excellent cleanability, oil rejection, biostability and is very low foaming even in R/O water.