Get better than ever surface finish on all of your hones with Quaker Chemical. Whether it’s oil or water soluble, our honing products are for automotive companies of any size who want the best lubricant in the market.

  • QUAKERCUT 004 PE - Purpose built honing fluid used by over 50 top engine builders in North America. Transparent and odor free with outstanding surface finish and fast draining times.

  • QUAKERCOOL 8013 - Neutral pH synthetic which can be used for grinding and honing. Also recommended for operations which require both low surface roughness and visible transparency.


Block & Head Machining

Our coolants are designed to be versatile and high performing, all while maintaining the high standards of operator safety that you expect from Quaker Chemical.

  • QUAKERCOOL 7450 - Industry leading reamed hole surface finish on automotive aluminum. Used by multiple block and head OEMs including Honda and Paccar. Great on tough metals like Titanium and Nickel alloys.

  • QUAKERCOOL 740 - Best choice for cast iron blocks and heads, with great fines handling. Used by Chrysler and Ingersol.


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Corrosion Prevention

Quaker’s easy to use rust preventatives bring best-in-class corrosion protection while your parts are in storage or on their way to your customers.

  • FERROCOTE 5856 BF - Widely used globally by industrial, automotive, bearing, and aerospace OEMs for in-process protection, transportation, and storage. Compatible with engine oils and greases.

  • FERROCOTE 6130 - Globally standardized multifunction oil for metal forming and rust protection. Used by many of the largest metals producers and automotive/industrial manufacturers.

Maintenance Cleaners

Keep your shop and machines clean no matter how heavy-duty the work with our effective, operator-safe line of industrial cleaners.

  • QUAKER FORMULA FX THUNDER - High performance general purpose cleaner for removing tough industrial grime, tire marks, and other difficult residues.

  • QUAKERCLEAN 624 LX - Machine cleaner for the most tenacious residues. Suitable for addition to central coolant systems for machine cleaning and stand alone cleaning solutions.