Binol Band 20


Binol Band 20 is a safe and environmentally acceptable straight lubricating and cleaning oil, based on renewable raw materials. The product is readily biodegradable in soil and water, not irritating to skin and not toxic to the environment. Binol Band 20 is designed for cleaning and lubricating band saws, circular saws, and tables and cutter tools in planing mills. This product is compatible with a variety of elastomers and paints used by the leading equipment manufacturers. In trials, the Band 20 has reduced overall lubricant consumption, and extended bandsaw life and regrind intervals considerably against diesel oil and petroleum based lubricants.

Binol Band E40 


Binol Band E40 is a vegetable-based emulsifying oil designed for cleaning, lubricating, and cooling applications of band saws and circular saws. The product is a water miscible concentrate, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to mineral oil based cooling and cleaning oils. The Band E40 is recommended for use at a concentration of 2-5% oil in water, resulting in a milk white stable emulsion with good corrosion protection.

Binol BioSafe CON 46/68 W


BioSafe CON 46/68 W is an environmentally acceptable lubricant, based on renewable raw materials. The product is readily biodegradable in soil and water, non-toxic to humans and the environment, and does not cause skin irritation. The BioSafe CON 46/68 W is used as a lubricant for chains and conveyers within sawmills and paper- and pulp industry manufacturing plants. The BioSafe CON 46/68 W oil has a positive polarity, causing it to have excellent build-up and adhesion compared to standard mineral oils. This product also has good lubrication and penetrating properties in all weather conditions, and can improve corrosion protection.


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