a completely synthetic, water soluble hydraulic system additive that has been specifically designed for use at 2-5% concentration in water hydraulic systems with reciprocating piston pumps.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 807-IS contains proprietary lubricants, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, and bactericides in a ratio balanced to meet the lubrication requirements of pumps, packings, and valves. It provides effective protection against rust and micro-organism growth at the 2-5% use dilution.


  • Fire-resistant - due to the high water content

  • Excellent stability under all operating conditions

  • Improved lubricity, lower costs over emlusified oils

  • Proprietary lubricants are non-toxic & bio-degradable

  • Will not stain metals in rolling and machining operations

  • Low BOD values


  • Appearance: clear amber fluid

  • Density (D1298): 1.031 g/cm³ @ 15°C

  • Flash Point (D92): none

  • Fire Point (D92): 357°C / 675°F

  • Freeze Point (D97): -1.1°C / 30°F

  • pH of 5% solution (D70): approx. 9.1

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5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum, 320 gallon tote.