DESIGNED specifically for critical applications where high fluid temperatures may be encountered. QUINTOLUBRIC®822-300 CM is designed for prolonged operation at temperatures above 200°F.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 822-300 CM meets the stringent lubrication requirements, low oxidation rate, and high thermal stability properties required to perform in close tolerance servo systems. This fluid does not contain water, mineral oil, or phosphate ester, and is based on high-quality, synthetic, organic esters and carefully selected additives to achieve superior hydraulic fluid performance at elevated operating temperatures.


  • Approved by Cincinnati Milacron Specification No. P-69Fire-resistant - High ignition temperature and low heat release, limits the spread of fire

  • Non-toxic / non-toxic to aquatic life

  • Excellent thermal stability & anti-sludge properties

  • 220°F max operating temperature


  • Appearance: clear yellow amber fluid

  • TAN (D974): <1.0 mg KOH/g

  • Density (D1298): 0.92 g/cm³ @ 15°C

  • Flash Point (D92): >232°C / 450°F

  • Pour Point (D97): -40°C / -40°F

  • Viscosity (D445): 68 cST @40°C

  • Viscosity Index (D2270): 185

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5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum, 320 gallon tote.