Anhydrous Synthetic Esters (HFD)

QUINTOLUBRIC® ester-based fluids lead the market for combining strong fire-resistance with excellent lubrication to ensure process reliability, long service life and safety. QUINTOLUBRIC® HFD-U fluids are readily biodegradable and have low aquatic toxicity, making them ideal for use where environmental protection is required.

Water Additive Concentrates (HFA) 

QUINTOLUBRIC® additive concentrates supplement the excellent fire-resistant properties of water with the lubrication and corrosion protection of an additive concentrate. Quaker offers low mineral oil-containing HFA-E fluids and synthetic HFA-S fluids that both give outstanding performance in stability, corrosion protection and bio-resistance.

Water Glycol Fluids (HFC)

QUINTOLUBRIC® premium fire-resistant water glycol fluids are formulated to provide optimum performance in hydraulic systems where fire-resistant fluids are required. Water glycol fluids are the most widely used fire-resistant fluids because of the way they combine fire-resistant properties with lubrication performance to provide excellent value.