a barium-free, water-dilutable drawing & forming lubricant designed for use on severe, high speed punching and/or forming operations, replacing chlorinated extreme pressure oils

QUAKERDRAW® 58 BF is based on Quaker’s proprietary ester lubricant, extreme pressure and anti-wear agents in combination with organic corrosion inhibitors.  This completely synthetic product is recommended for use in both soft and hard waters, on cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum in deep drawing, stamping, punching, and forming operations.


  • High bioresistance, long sump life

  • Superior detergency assures work area, die and tool cleanliness

  • Low foaming, minimizes product waste

  • No tacky, sticky films or crystalline build up

  • Waste is treatable with typical acid/alum/polymer techniques


  • Concentrate Appearance: Clear dark amber fluid

  • Concentrate Viscosity @ 40°C: 513 cSt

  • Density: 8.18 lbs/gal

  • Flash Point: 180°C / 360°F

  • Pour Point: -1.1°C / 30°F

  • Odor: Pleasant, Amine-like

  • pH @ 20%: 9.0

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Package Sizes:

320 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and 5 gallon pails.