a mineral oil free, Boron Free semi-SYNTHETIC metalworking fluid with advanced lubrication technology based on a microemulsion of proprietary synthetic esters.

QUAKERCOOL® 750 is designed for difficult ferrous machining and grinding operations requiring excellent lubricity, cleanliness, cooling and corrosion protection.  QUAKERCOOL® 750 is excellent on cast iron and ferrous alloys, and aluminum in light duty machining and grinding operations.


  • Working solutions range from transparent to translucent depending on makeup water

  • Won't stain aluminum. Good for light duty operations

  • Excellent Bio-stability. Mycobacteria resistant

  • No secondary amines, MEA, chlorinated compounds, boron, formaldehyde

  • Excellent short-term corrosion protection on Ferrous alloys

  • Low Drag out. Excellent Tramp Oil Rejection


  • Concentrate Appearance: Clear yellow to amber fluid

  • Density: 8.18 lbs/gal

  • Flash Point: 100°C / 212°F

  • Odor: Pleasant, Amine-like

  • pH @ 5%: 9.7

  • Refractometer factor: 2.5

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Package Sizes:

320 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and 5 gallon pails.