a high-performance micro-emulsion ideally suited for all operations demanding premium surface finish quality and consistent lubrication. Ideal for machining aluminum, STainless steel and copper.

QUAKERCOOL® 7350 is a work-horse metalworking fluid ideally formulated for ease of use and optimal performance in heavy duty, multi-metal machining requiring excellent lubricity, cleanliness, cooling and corrosion protection.  


  • Imparts longer tool life, and premium surface finish on stainless parts

  • Extended sump life, enhanced bio-resistance

  • Exceptional emulsion stability over a wide range of water hardness

  • Excellent corrosion resistance on Ferrous alloys

  • High operator acceptance

  • No chlorinated paraffinic additives


  • Concentrate Appearance: Clear yellow to amber fluid

  • Density: 8.34 lbs/gal

  • Flash Point: 100°C / 212°F

  • Odor: Pleasant, Amine-like

  • pH @5%: 9.3

  • Refractometer factor: 1.3

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Package Sizes:

320 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and 5 gallon pails.