A high viscosity, silicone based PTFE thickened grease, QUAKERPASTE™ PFSFG is an excellent choice for use as an assembly paste in anything from freezers to ovens.  QUAKERPASTE™ PFSFG is designed to stay where it should, even in extreme temperatures, cleaning environments, and high-loads.

Product Features

  • Excellent breakaway characteristics

  • Superior in metal to metal contact under high load

  • Extended component life

  • Lowered overall operating costs

Properties and Typical Values

  • Base Fluid Viscosity @40°C : 1200 cSt

  • Viscosity Index (D2270): 509

  • Worked Penetration, 60 strokes (D217): 220-250

  • NLGI Grade 3

  • Appearance/Texture: White/Smooth

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Package Sizes:

35 lb pail, 120 lb, keg, 400 lb drum, totes, and bulk.