The QUAKERHYDRA™ Series is designed to provide superior performance in applications where incidental food contact may occur in the food and beverage industry. Formulated with the highest quality mineral oil base stocks and additives, QUAKERHYDRA™ hydraulic fluids are available in standard viscosities and designed to provide outstanding performance in all environments and multiple temperatures.  Applications in hydraulic systems, bearings and gears.


  • Lowered operating costs

  • Extended service & system components life

  • Stable performance in low and high temperatures

Properties and typical values

  • Available Viscosities: 32 | 46 | 68 | 150 cSt

  • Viscosity Index (D2270): 98

  • Copper Corrosion (D4048): 1A

  • 4-Ball EP Weld Load (D2596): 126 KG

  • 4-Ball Wear Scar Dia. (D2266): 0.43 mm

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Quaker Houghton Connect sells and distributes Quaker Houghton Products to small and mid-size enterprises throughout North America.

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Package Sizes:

5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum, 320 gallon tote.