The QUAKERCOMP™ Series is formulated to with the highest quality PAO base stocks additives in standard viscosity grades to service all OEM makes and models of compressors.  These compressor fluids will keep your food and beverage operations running smoothly, cost-effectively, and with less down item. 

Product Features

  • Synthetic PAO base oils

  • Reduced maintenance and disposal Costs

  • Extended component life

  • Lowered overall operating costs

Properties and Typical Values

  • Available Viscosity: 46 | 68 cSt

  • Viscosity Index (D2270): 152

  • Copper Corrosion (D4048): 1A

  • 4-Ball EP Weld Load (D2596): 126 KGF

  • 4-Ball Wear Scar Dia. (D2266): 0.36-0.42 mm

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Quaker Houghton Connect sells and distributes Quaker Houghton Products to small and mid-size enterprises throughout North America.

Quaker Houghton Sold and Distributed by Quaker Houghton Connect

Package Sizes:

5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum, 320 gallon tote.