The QUAKERCHAIN™ Synthetic Chain Lubricant Series are formulated with the highest quality synthetic base oils and additives. QUAKERCHAIN™ Synthetic Chain Lubricants are designed to provide superior performance in low, medium and high temperature applications where incidental food contact may occur making it an excellent choice for drive chains, conveyer chains and other applications found in the food and beverage industry.  Available in Ester, PAO, and Ester/PAO blend base stocks.

Product Features

  • Featuring PAO and Ester base oils

  • Excellent flow characteristics in Central and Stand Alone Systems

  • Superior Water Resistance

  • Extended Chain Life

  • Extreme Wear Protection

Properties and Typical Values

  • Available Viscosity: 220 | 320 cSt

  • Viscosity Index (D2270): 151-155

  • Copper Corrosion (D4048): 1A

  • 4-Ball EP Weld Load (D2596): 200 KG

  • 4-Ball Wear Scar Dia. (D2266): 0.36-0.37 mm

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Quaker Houghton Connect sells and distributes Quaker Houghton Products to small and mid-size enterprises throughout North America.

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Package Sizes:

5 gallon pail, 54 gallon drum, 320 gallon tote.