Release Agents

DIE SLICK® products offer more than 60 different release agents for Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium die casting operations. These products are known for their excellent release and die protection, stable emulsion at high ratios, bright castings and no stain or buildup.

Plunger Lubricants

PLUNGER SLICK® products are lubricants that withstand high temperatures for plunger tips and sleeves. Enhanced tip and sleeve life is achieved by incorporating specialized additives that allow for proper lubrication at different pressures and temperatures encountered during the shot cycle. PLUNGER SLICK® products are known for their excellent boundary lubrication, high viscosity index, no stain and minimal buildup in the sleeve.

Ladle and Trim Lubricants

Keep your equipment protected and preforming longer with minimal smoke and staining. 

Welding Anti-Spatter Compound

Protect your welds and speed up weld cleaning with PROTECT-O-METAL,  Will not smoke, cause oder, and cleans up easily.