QAdvantage and Quaker Chemical at IMTS 2018

Quaker and QAdvantage will be at the IMTS Manufacturing Technolog Show from September 10th to September 15th. Come to Booth #431949 and visit us.

Attending America's largest manufacturing show, IMTS, amazes even long-time visitors with the magnitude of new technologies and enthusiastic vibe of technologists marveling at the advancements for operational excellence in the industry.



New soft water coolants added to Quaker's
metalworking portfolio 

Coolants engineered for soft water are now available from the historic Lubricor portfolio

Tired of dealing with excessive foam generation, or paying a premium for coolant and additives to avoid it? With the latest addition to our metalworking portfolio, the Quakercool 5035 series, we now have multipurpose and high performance coolants that are specifically designed to prevent foam build up in both regular and soft water.

Understand what leads to foam production to tackle the problem at the source.

•Reverse Osmosis systems are commonly used in areas with very hard water supply, and it's important to choose a coolant that will work with the resulting soft water.

•Because there are multiple ways to combat foam generation in the sump, it's important to know what kind of approach your coolant was designed with.

1. Silicone based additives are often used for foam reduction, but these can negatively affect the surface finish and paintability of parts.

2. Coolants with powerful emulsifying agents should have a persistent thin foam layer that does not substantially change with spray pressure or water hardness.

3. For particularly stubborn operations, Quaker has additives available that can be separately added to a problematic sump to help combat foam production.

QAdvantage Administrator