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QUAKERCOOL® 5035 H is a high performance, ultrastable semi-synthetic metalworking coolant designed for medium to heavy duty applications. This product has been engineered for superior emulsion stability and delivers exceptional tool life leading to reduced cycle times and significant operational savings. QUAKERCOOL® 5035 H is suited for any operation that requires great bio-stability and excellent corrosion protection, QUAKERCOOL® 5035 H is compatible with most types of metals both ferrous and non-ferrous including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum. QUAKERCOOL® 5035 H also protects nonferrous metals from staining and prevents bi-metallic corrosion.

Quakercool 8013


QUAKERCOOL® 8013 is a high performance, heavy-duty synthetic metalworking fluid for use on aluminum and aerospace alloys. It is specially formulated for aluminum machining and provides superior surface finish in critical machining applications. QUAKERCOOL® 8013 can also be used on stainless steel and other alloy steels.

QUAKERCOOL® 8013 is highly fortified with water-soluble lubricity and EP additives making it capable of performing equal to heavy-duty soluble oils. It provides excellent cleanability, oil rejection, biostability and is very low foaming even in R/O water.