Powertrain, Steering, & Suspension Components

Quaker Houghton serves all facets of the automotive and off road industries, from the stamping of body panels to the machining of engine components. We collaborate with major producers around the world. Our knowledge base extends from the manufacture of each critical part to final assembly of the vehicle.

  • QUAKERCOOL 740 - Low oil semi synthetic with outstanding biostability and detergency when machining "dirty" ferrous substrates like cast & ductile iron. Use at a number of automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers to produce engine blocks, cast iron heads, steering knuckles, & pinion flanges.

  • QUAKERCOOL 7450 - Industry leading aluminum machining performance for the most demanding operations such as tapping & reaming aluminum cylinder heads and bi-metal engine blocks. Great for replacing products with chlorinated extreme pressure additives.

  • QUAKERCOOL 7350 - High performance semi synthetic with a great balance of machining performance and applied cost, especially on high hardness substrates like titanium, stainless steel, and heat treated alloy steel as well as aluminum. Used at a number of automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers to produce a wide variety of parts including hardened diesel engine components


Body Panel and Component Forming & Stamping

High performance metal forming and metal forging lubricants formulated without chlorine and have been engineered to be used for both regular and alloy-coated tooling. QUAKERDRAW® & HOUGHTO-DRAW® provide benefits that include superior lubrication to increase die and punch life, excellent corrosion protection and high film strength additives to reduce scratching and galling on parts and dies. It also can be easily cleaned with solvent or alkaline cleaners.

  • FERROCOTE 61 MAL HCL 1 - Flexing, blank washing, blanking, stamping, and drawing lubricant with many automotive approvals. Metal can be stacked immediately after coating and has been formulated to be removed effeciently by most cleaning & paint prep processes.

  • QUAKERDRAW 58 BF - a barium-free, water dilutable forming lubricant consisting of Quaker’s proprietary ester lubricant, extreme pressure and anti-wear agents in combination with organic corrosion inhibitors. It is a multifunctional fluid designed for use on severe, high speed punching and/or forming operations where previously only high performance, chlorinated extreme pressure oils or emulsifiable mineral oil based products would work.

  • FERROCOTE 6130 - Versatile oil based metal preservative with can also be used in blanking, stamping, and forming applications such as body panels, roofs, and floorpans. Chrysler NPM #47-125-4052 Ford TOX #160905 General Motors FID #343783


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