Precision Machining

Quaker Houghton metal working fluids are used by a wide array of world leading aerospace manufactures including Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, & Rolls Royce.  Whether it be titanium, aluminum, inconel, or stainless steel, the QUAKERCOOL & HOCUT product line provides the latest technology to achieve the quality and process efficiency demanded by any machining operation.

  • QUAKERCOOL 7450 - Industry leading aluminum machining performance for the most demanding operations. Great for replacing products with chlorinated extreme pressure additives.

  • QUAKERCOOL 6010 ND - Wing & Body drilling on titanium, aluminum, & composite structures. Boeing BAC 5008 approved.


In-Process Corrosion Preventives

Ferrocote & Rust Veto corrosion preventatives are used to provide in process protection to the most critical civil and aerospace components such as rotor shafts, transmissions, & wheel breaks during manufacturing, transit, and NDT processes.

  • FERROCOTE 5856 BF - Great for protecting critical surfaces and parts including bearings & rotating components in applications requiring 1-5 years indoor storage, VCI protection and compatibility with assembly greases and lubricants.

  • FERROCOTE 364 BF - Easy application with migration resistant film for 1-5 years indoor storage.

  • FERROCOTE 386 BF K1 - Oil based rust preventitive used as an assembly compound for defense aerospace applications.


More products for the aerospace industry: