QUINTOLUBRIC® specialty hydraulic fluids represent the industry standard for reliability, versatility, and safety. Renowned for fire-resistance, corrosion prevention and extended equipment life, the broad portfolio of QUINTOLUBRIC® polyol ester fluids offers innovative technology to improve every hydraulic situation.

QUAKERCOOL®, QUAKERCUT® and QUAKERAL® offer superior lubrication, cooling, and cleanliness, while QUAKERDRAW® fluids support the most difficult drawing operations. These metalworking fluids help you meet even the most demanding specifications in the most effective, cost-efficient manner, without compromising employee health or safety.

FERROCOTE® products offer excellent corrosion protection that's specially formulated to suit your manufacturing process. These versatile products can be applied using spray, dip, brush or electrostatic techniques, and are readily removed through conventional alkaline cleaning or degreasing procedures.

QUAKERCLEAN® products, developed for a variety of applications and surfaces, help ensure that your processes run smoothly. Available in liquid or powder form, these aqueous-based alkaline cleaners are used to remove soils from metal substrates normally found in the steel and metalworking industries and to clean ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

With our DIE SLICK®, PLUNGER SLICK®, LADLE SLICK™ & QUINTOLUBRIC® range, Quaker Chemical's comprehensive range of high performance die casting products address the needs of aluminum, magnesium and zinc die casting operations.  In addition, we’re constantly doing more to make the die casting industry more efficient and profitable through innovative solutions in formulation chemistry and application knowledge.

We offer a comprehensive range of performance greases designed to provide high performance in extreme operating conditions.  Our QUAKERTEK® grease portfolio includes lithium complex, aluminum complex, polyurea and calcium sulfonate greases, as well as QUINTOPLEX™ fire resistant, biodegradable grease – available in a wide array of viscosities to address a number of different operations and applications.

BINOL BAND, offer increased band change and re-grinding intervals with lower consumption and improved cleanliness. BIOSAFE CON chain lubricant provides good lubricating and penetrating properties in wet or dry conditions, and reducing wear, friction and maintaining a corrosion protecting lubricating film on the metal. Quaker’s line of saw mill lubrication, cooling oils, and chain lubricants are high performing, while being biodegradable, non-toxic and sourced from renewable materials.

Quaker Chemical’s line of NSF H1 registered food grade lubricants are truly set apart from the competition with the only facilities in North America that are ISO 21469, 22000, and 9001-2008 certified. Using the highest-quality lubricants ensures production efficiency and hygiene while maintaining  for individual food & beverage processes. Learn more about QUAKERHYDRA™, QUAKERCHAIN™, QUAKERTEK®, QUAKERCOMP™, QUAKERGEAR™, and QUAKERPASTE™ food grade lubricants.